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StoreCash was founded to help solve the problem of the unbanked by helping to transfer funds within the consumer
market. Regardless how big or small, we are determined to provide the best service possible and to service the market to the best of our ability. This has blessed us with many unique opportunities and helped us understand the vision of the consumer to help us drive our technology capacity in a high volume and consumer-centric environment.


We take this same approach when working with our Business-to-Business clients and partners. Your employees, channel partners, and customers are our focus. We are determined to create the best situation for them by enabling your team. The end user is the foundation of our organization and we hold ourselves to the highest standard possible to uphold the integrity and reputation of our brand and our partners affiliated with StoreCash.


Regardless of what world events or economic situations are happening in the world, we aim to approach the situation
the same; with integrity and honesty. We invite your team to join us on the mission to help make a simpler ecosystem for ‘StoreCash’.


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Daricus Releford

Our Team

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With just $25k, previously created a million

dollar gifting business with stores on the East Coast and featured on the Steve Harvey Show and Kiplinger Magazine.

Daricus Releford


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Bachelors in Engineering and MBA in Information Technology with 15 years of experience at Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft and Adobe specializing in full stack engineering.

Phani Mullapudi


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Masters degree in Animation & Visual Effects and 7 years of experience in 3D animation, content managing and user experience.

Sheetal Ravi

Head Of Design

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