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The easiest way to send and manage
gift cards as rewards for your users.

Drive employee engagement, participation, and loyalty through StoreCash cash credits.

Drive employee engagement, participation, and loyalty through StoreCash cash credits.

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Our services

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We provide out of the box
solutions which require no
setup, or customized
solutions using our API.


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We give 100% guarantee for
the deliverability of rewards
as well as all communication
with your customers.


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Your customers will have
access to a digital wallet,
making it super simple to
manage and keep track of
their rewards.


StoreCash credits & points

StoreCash credits can be transferred, at no extra cost for your customers, to one or more merchant cards. We have a
growing list of 350+ merchants on our rewards catalogue. Credits can be transferred using StoreCash app or our
customer portal. Once transferred, rewards can be redeemed instantly online or in-store. 

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StoreCash points can be redeemed to StoreCash credits, easily providing an option to integrate with an existing points
based system in your organization. 

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Why StoreCash

Whether you’re looking for anything from a rewards or channel incentives platform to gift card redeemable objects
for your current platform, StoreCash has you covered. With StoreCash’s easy to use App & Web platform and easy
to use API’s, we’re a great all-in-one or plug & play solution for you and your team.

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Employee Rewards

Why SC 2.png

Channel Incentives
(Partners, Sales Spiffs, Referral Fees, Customer Rewards)

Why SC 3.png

Redeemable object in Points
based applications

Why SC 4.png

HCM platforms

Why SC 5.png

Anywhere your users need to
receive & manage gift cards

With our diverse catalog, various integration options, and wallet capabilities you’ve never been in better hands!

Want to know more?

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